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You are cordially invited

Dear prospective attendee,

Our network officially commenced in December 2022 with the aim of medical progress in harmony with the best possible animal welfare. Since then, we, as a whole network, have been taking steps towards our aim in four main activity areas: science management, networking, education and communication.

To name a few, our offers has expanded into organizing Meet & Greet events on the network sites of Aachen and Cologne, streaming monthly online Competence Colloquia for continuous knowledge flow on 3R research, and disseminating news on our principal hub of communication - www.3r-netzwerk.nrw. We are also in the preparation of a series of informative engagement events in Bonn such as a project day for high school students, two workshops on organoids and ethical aspect of animal research, a public outreach evening revolving around the 3R principle. For this year, the events series will be then finalized by the 1st Annual Meeting of the 3R Competence Network NRW.

Our network member Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen is hosting the 1st Annual Meeting of 3R Competence Network NRW at Kasteel Bloemendal in Vaals, Netherlands, on the December 7th – 8th, 2023. At this 2-day event, you will not only hear from the recent advances in the field of 3R research but also have a chance to network with your colleagues in the field. The meeting program offers sessions themed around replace, reduce, refine. There will be many scientific talks including the keynote speaker, David Morton, Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Science and Ethics, will share his lecture on the fields of animal welfare and 3Rs. You will also have the possibility to present your research and exchange ideas during the poster session.

In the evening of the first day, we are going to come together at Das Liebig in Aachen to connect at a personal level and celebrate officially our first anniversary.

We are very excited to convene at the very first network-wide meeting. There are many reasons to be part of it. We are very much looking forward to see you among us!

Best wishes,

Your Organization Team