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Catalog of measures for mice and rats - General termination criteria

The implementation of the 3R principle is the explicit goal of the 3R Competence Network NRW. To this end, we are pleased to inform you about the latest and most relevant information from our partners in the 3R field.

The University Hospital Essen, through the management of the central animal laboratory in consultation with the Veterinary Office Essen, has released a catalog of measures for mice and rats in husbandry. This refers to general termination criteria in keeping and breeding according to §11 approval. Within the framework of health surveillance, the catalog is expressly intended for the animal care personnel who are entrusted with keeping mice and rats.

The present catalogue of measures on general termination criteria provides assistance and may be adopted as a recommendation for action. A traffic light scheme facilitates the clinical interpretation of the husbandry animals to be evaluated. Whether and how an animal facility implements the present catalog of measures is at its own discretion. The following catalog provides a framework for the institution's own design. Depending on local circumstances, these can be adopted or modified or supplemented accordingly.

You can read and download the catalog and the corresponding preamble here (in German only): Präambel+Massnahmenkatalog Nagetiere

If you have any questions, the office of the 3R Competence Network NRW will be happy to help.