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This year, Hamburg’s Authority for Justice and Consumer Protection and the Authority for Science, Research, Equality and Districts announce for a research prize in the field of 3Rs for the fourth time. The prize aims to promote outstanding innovative alternative and complementary method research to animal experiments all over Germany. The method shall contribute mainly to replacement or to reduction of animal experiments. Secondarily, refinement research, which contributes to improvement in experimental or housing conditions for laboratory animals to minimize pain, suffering or harm can also be awarded.

Universities, university hospitals, non-university research institutions and individual scientists from these institutions based in Germany are eligible to apply. The relevant research article, project description and the rationale in German or in English are to be submitted electronically by March 15th, 2024. The selection of this year’s awardee will be evaluated by a committee of 8 members from scientists, animal welfare officers and representatives of the respective authorities. They will assess the applications on a set of criteria like year of publication, degree of severity of the animal experiment to be replaced, impact on number of laboratory animals, application area and relevance etc.

For more information and application, please check the following links:

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