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Kompass Tierversuche 2024 presents again many interesting subjects such as biomedical developments which led to the mRNA-based vaccines, animal research for veterinary medicine, special case of experimental use of non-human primates and more. Besides, you can also find the number of laboratory animals used in 2022 as per the latest annual report of Bf3R – German Centre for the Protection of the Laboratory Animals. To give a short insight into the report, in 2022, a decrease of 2,6% was observed in comparison to the number of laboratory animals from 2021. Mouse is again the most common model organism (ca. 1,86 million) which is followed by fish and rat, respectively. At the end of the Kompass, you can also find more about distribution of laboratory animals with respect to years, species and the federal state. Once you are done reading the latest issue, you can also test your newly gained knowledge on this Online-Quiz

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