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New SOPs can only be submitted for review using the template (only in German) provided on the website of the 3R Competence Network NRW. For this purpose, the following documents are available for download:

Anleitung Einreichung neuer SOPs

Vorlage SOP mit Hinweisen

Vorlage SOP

The header in the template is filled in by the working group "SOPs in the animal research field". The already published SOPs are to be used as guidance. The newly created SOP is to be submitted together with the contact address of the author(s) via the 3R Competence Network NRW by e-mail (

The submitted SOP will be checked for completeness and the relevance of the described method for animal experimental facilities in NRW will be evaluated with regard to further processing. If the submitted SOP is relevant, it will be forwarded to the working group "SOPs in animal research field", where it will be reviewed and processed. If questions should arise at any time during the processing, the working group will contact the SOP author(s). In some cases, it may be necessary to be present at the meetings of the working group "SOPs in the animal research field". The author(s) will be informed about the result of the consultation of the working group.

Further information

This is a complex coordination process, since the working group includes, among others, animal welfare officers of facilities in NRW that conduct animal experiments, various representatives of the district regulatory authorities and the licensing authority in North Rhine-Westphalia. Among the tasks is to find meeting dates for the coordination of several SOPs in which all stakeholders are represented. This basis-democratic process takes a lot of time. Therefore, the voting and publication of new SOPs can take six to twelve months.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office of the 3R Competence Network NRW (