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Federal Ministry for Education and Research continues to promote scientific research on development, optimization, validation and wider use of alternatives to animal research. Since 1980, more than 600 research projects have been supported by the ministry to strengthen and disseminate the alternative methods research in Germany also within the international arena. Therefore, the aims of this funding opportunity are (1) to further replace animal experiments with alternative methods with respect to the 3R principle and also (2) to attract the interest within the research community for the alternative methods while increasing the use and validation of already developed ones. To this end, the grants will be awarded to the excellent research proposals regarding these two modules:

Module 1: replace or reduce the use of animals or to limit the burden on laboratory animals to the indispensable level

Module 2: concepts for the dissemination of alternative methods (such as hosting training and education courses) and strategies for the implementation of alternative methods

The application deadline for the next funding period is the March 15th, 2024. The official guidelines for application and contact persons are to be found here: Promotion of projects on the subject of "Alternative methods to animal research” (in German)

Interested in the topic? More information from the previous funding information event is here: Online Information Event (in German)