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Argelander-Professors Organoids UniBonn
© Gregor Hübl / University of Bonn

Organoids play an important role in developing new medications to known diseases or in unraveling the pathological mechanisms behind those diseases. Two new Argelander professors were appointed in the field of organoid research for intestinal cancer and lung biology at the University of Bonn. Jun.-Prof. Dr. Elena Reckzeh will focus on developing and testing organoid models of small intestine to discover drug candidates targeting cancer energy metabolism. Additionally, she will also address to the open research questions in skin oncology via organoids mimicking squamous cell carcinomas. To examine the interaction between the pulmonary and immune cells in health and disease, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ana Ivonne Vazquez-Armendariz will use induced pluripotent stem cell technology derived organoids. She will look for answers how both cell types react upon infection like influenza and what kind of repair mechanisms are consequently activated. Both researchers have their teams and laboratories at the Life and Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES) and they are members of the Transdisciplinary Research Area (TRA) „Life and Health“. For more information, please visit the original article.

The 3R-Competence Network NRW wishes a great success to the new professors and thank them for their efforts in organoid research as an important method for replacement.