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Modalität: On-site

Techniplast Congress Centre
Via 1° Maggio, 6
21020 Buguggiate


Digital Home Cage solutions have the potential to greatly enhance various research domains, exerting a positive influence on facility-wide operations and significantly contributing to the improvement of animal welfare.

The 3rd edition of the Digital Vivarium Forum (DVF) has a primary objective: to provide a comprehensive overview of the manifold benefits derived from the integration of digital home cage solutions within vivariums. This integration is poised to propel the pre-clinical industry into a new and advanced phase.

Spanning across three thematic days, the DVF will convene a panel of distinguished speakers who will share their extensive experiences from the field. They will provide compelling evidence showcasing how research, husbandry and welfare management can be substantially enriched through the adoption of digital solutions. This collective exploration will yield a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of digital home cage solutions, their implementation strategies, and the emerging frontiers they unlock.

The symposium's agenda encompasses a dynamic blend of keynote presentations and interactive sessions. These sessions will delve into scientific intricacies while highlighting best practices that are closely related. Furthermore, the event will foster invaluable networking opportunities among Directors, Facility Managers and Researchers, fostering the exchange of knowledge and insights.

By embracing the possibilities offered by digital home cage solutions, the 3rd edition of DVF not only promises to enrich research endeavours but also aims to facilitate a holistic evolution within the industry, underscored by technological innovation and enhanced collaboration.