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Registration deadline: May 27th, 2024
Date & Time: June 18th, 2024, 2-5pm (+ BBQ open end)

Modalität: On-site

Lecture Hall of BMZ I
Venusberg Campus 1
53127 Bonn


From the organizers:

"Dear Organoid Community,

We all cordially invite you to join the ‘Bonn Organoid Day’ on June 18th, 2024. We would like to bring the Organoid Community in Bonn together in an interactive format, in which we offer all researchers working on organoids (or related topics, including organotypic cultures or tissue explants) the chance to either briefly introduce themselves with a single slide (aka flash talk), or give a short presentation if you already have some data. This way, we will all learn what is currently going on in the organoid field in Bonn, who to ask for help, or who to collaborate or discuss with. To make sure this even more fun and that you also get to know a bunch of fun scientists, we will wrap the day up with a BBQ and some drinks.

This is a test balloon for future (perhaps yearly) events like this – we really want to find out if you are up for some interactive format and need your (ideally early) feedback to find out if it is worth organizing this for the community. Eventually, there may also be the chance to attend passively, but this whole format really only comes to live with your contribution.

How can I get involved and help: Just contact us through Meike Brömer (m.broemer@uni-bonn.de)

Best regards,

The organizing team

(Meike Brömer, Clara Hayn, Jessica Valentina Montgomery, Manuel Mota Brea, Elena Reckzeh, Carmen Ruiz de Almodovar, Florian I. Schmidt, Kateryna Shkarina, Ivonne, Vazquez Armendariz)"

For more information and registration, please visit the event page: Bonn Organoids Day